Welcome to a new world


Hi everyone and welcome to our world. Over the next 21 days we will be taking you on a journey through a brave new world. Everyday at midnight we will be sharing with you bits and pieces of the brand new novel by Oladimeji Ojo and other pieces written by this young fella. These short excerpts of the book will cover various aspects of life that we hope you recognize in yourself. They will be short, we dont want to give the whole story away, now do we? 😉

Today’s offering is our introduction to Monitored. Let’s see if you can guess what the story is about from reading these excerpts. On day 21, the first person with the closest guess gets a free copy. (Persons affiliated with Oladimeji Ojo and/or DDT Publishing House are excluded. Sorry guys). Enjoy and see you tomorrow

— O.O

“Almost every one is aware of the world beyond this one. The world hidden from the eyes of normal men, open only to those who possess the means to see beyond the limits of imagination, whether it is the Indian third eye or the biblical Holy Spirit. We know its there despite the fact that we cannot see it. We know by the sudden shivers that run down our spines at odd moments, the unbidden silence in a noisy room, the prick of cold wind blowing on your neck in a heated room. It exists, whether you call it a parallel dimension, the spirit realm, or paradise, it exists, the world hiding just beyond plain sight.”

. . . . . . . . .

“God is not an old man. Humans do not understand. Jehovah is not just another spirit. He did not create, He is creation. He does not just cause us to exist, He is existence itself. Humans would say He is the source of all things, we know that He is everything. He cannot be comprehended, HE is. One day these creatures will understand that to curse another is to curse God and to help another is to help the Almighty. That is what Jehovah spoke when He said, in the early days; I am.

It is because of this lack of understanding that I was created. I am a monitor. My job is to watch over humans and assist in times of need, to help them understand. I am what they would call an angel.”


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